Trusting the Magic of Beginnings

A few years ago, when moving out from my home country, lots of things happened and my life changed in literally all different fronts.

I had the chance to contribute to a couple of projects that impacted the whole video publishing lifecycle at The Times while helping to shape a culture of sharing & openness. And I'm so proud of our achievements!


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My Journey in a Nutshell

I started by helping on the removal of flash-related components (1-2-3) of VHS, The Times internal player.

After that, we created a new team to work on back-end services in order to fix and improve the video publishing workflow. I took the opportunity to learn Go (4) and worked with my teammates in a new transcoding pipeline (5-6). After that, as part of the company's strategy, we migrated our system and video assets to the cloud, and in my opinion, we did in a pretty clever way (7).

We also integrated closed captions generation and playback (8-9) on our video library, benefiting The Times users and opening up the company to a bunch of new business opportunities. During this period, we could also create a new platform for live streaming (10) that was used by the newsroom to cover huge events such as the American Presidential Election debates and correlated events.

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Enjoying Demuxed with Said and Thompson on Crunchyroll HQ

I had the support of the company to present some projects in conferences and meetups (11-12-13-14-15). This allowed me to grow my presentation skills (and I know there is a wide room for improvement here) and create a nice network of contacts among our tech community. I am sincerely grateful for everything The New York Times has done for me in this regard.

On the personal side, I feel that I have grown so much! All my coworkers and friends read and consume all kinds of media all the time, whether they are podcasts, on-demand videos, live channels, newspapers or mailing lists and this pushed me to do the same.

This practice came into my daily life and made me even more passionate about the world of media, including how big conglomerates and small startups are positioned on this huge market. I would like to thank all those who have encouraged me and influenced me to become even more involved in this world!

Coming Next

Today I'm joining another world-class media vehicle, CBS Interactive.

CBS Interactive, a division of the CBS Corporation, is the premier online content network for information and entertainment. With over 1 billion users visiting their properties every quarter, CBS Interactive is a global top 10 web property and the largest premium content network online.

I'm very enthusiastic about what's coming down the line. I really hope to make an impact on the projects, make lots of new friends and bring the best of me for this company and all associated business units.

I also hope to keep pushing great things to production, attend to conferences, open source stuff and help on growing the video-dev (16) community.

For those who made it to the end of this post and are somehow part of the projects we worked, thank you so much for everything. I learned more than ever during this time. I really appreciate all types of learnings and experiences you guys provided to me. Wish me luck!

Flávio Ribeiro

Brazilian, Principal Engineer at CBS Interactive. Collector of vinyl figure toys and passionate about software development, open source, distributed systems and multimedia.

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